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  • Informative Role Of Social Media In Health Care Providers

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    Social Media and health care providers The present era is the era of technology and socialization. The social media has changed all the dimensions of life. People are getting information through the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. The social media is playing an informative role in health care services and professions. Today, the health care organizations and professionals are using the social media to interact with people online. They post their researches in the form

  • Patellar Dislocation Research Paper

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    An X-ray exam. This may be done to make see if a bone has broken. In some cases, your health care provider may look inside your knee joint with an instrument much like a pencil-sized telescope (arthroscope). This may be done to make sure you have no loose cartilage in your joint. TREATMENT This condition is treated by moving the patella back into

  • Standard Of Care: Review Questions

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    is "standard of care"? Standard of care refers to the degree of care that a similar healthcare professional would apply under the same circumstances while taking into account any unexpected complications or conditions. To put it simply, if another healthcare professional with the same or similar training takes the same course of action as the healthcare professional at issue given the information known and the exact situation, the professional is seen as meeting the standard of care. 2. What is

  • Ethical Principle Of Autonomy In Health Care

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    ethical dilemma at hand. It is ethical wrong for health care providers not to obtain informed consent directly from the patient or in other words acting paternalistically, which in return violates the patients’ autonomy. If Linda were deemed incompetent, her autonomy rights would be removed, but since the patient decisional capacity is seen as intact all treatment should be consented to by her and her only, not the mother or any health care provider. Furthermore, not only has the conflict of these

  • Mental Health Clinic Case Study

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    with urgent care needs. ii) Setting, Activities, and Program Functions: (1) The Mental Health Clinic (MHC) is a general outpatient clinic for patients with psychiatric, emotional, and behavioral problems. Within the MHC, there are specific programs for specialized treatment as listed below: (i) The PTSD Clinical Team; (ii) Clozaril Clinic; (iii) Buprenorphine Clinic; (iv) Family Mental Health Clinic; (v) Geropsychiatry Clinic; (vi) Military Sexual Trauma; and Transition care (OEF/OIF/OND)

  • Influence Of Texting On Doctor Patient Relationship

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    Since the dawn of the internet, everything has gotten a little less personal and since the birth of texting, the art of service, mainly customer service, has gotten less personal as well. And all this technology has led to a change in the doctor patient relationship. So how should you go about using the modern technology your patients expect while communicating with them in a way that doesn't come across as cold and impersonal? Well, it's really not all that hard, once you understand the many

  • Informed Consent Case Study

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    of informed consent is that the patient has an opportunity to be an informed participant in her health care decisions. At the same time patients want to limit access to information about themselves, they are equally concerned about the mirror image of this information management problem – how to gain access to the facts needed for making informed judgments about treatments, physicians, and health care plans (Yount, 2001). Today, throughout the United States, physicians are legally required to provide

  • Explain Why Did Goldman Say That Decisions Regarding People's Own Futures

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    her surrogate decision maker, whoever that might be. The question, really, was whether the provision of this kind of treatment in this kind of case was outside the limits of medicine and, thus, beyond her power of choice. Mrs. Wanglie’s healthcare providers should have argued that medical practice simply did not include providing ventilator and gastrostomy feeding under circumstances of this case, and that not surrogate decision maker should be able to choose this option”

  • Pros Of Conversion Therapy

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    Cincinnati, Seattle, and three South Florida Cities…” (#BornPerfect : The Facts), also have laid out the similar protections. The US is ready for the next step ,but has not taken it unlike other countries. In order to protect all citizens, health care provider associations would have to, “declare with a united voice that conversion therapy is unethical” (Jim Walker). Conversion therapy organizations such as NARTH (National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality) an organisation that

  • Legal Case 10 D.: A Case Study Of Euthanasia

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    this case we are introduce to a 38-year-old patient who suffer a car accident around eight years ago. During the car accident he suffer an aorta rupture that left him in a persistent vegetative state (PVS). Over the past five years Bob has been taken care for at a Catholic nursing home were he receives tube feeding, fluids and treatments for complications of his state. Recently his wife Lola and Bob’s parents have decided that they would want to discontinue Bobs feeding tube. The physician agree that

  • I/O Ethical Dilemmas

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    in the room at their insistence, even after being told it was hospital policy to speak individually with the patient; Tim was weak and agreed, he did not change his mind about treatment (APA, 2002 pg.5: 2.05). They agree with the nurse and patient care technician that Tim hesitated, and looked to his father for the answer, he is considered mentally sound and able to reject any treatment that aligns with his religious beliefs (APA, 2002 pg. 6, 3.10). Cooperation with other professionals ensures

  • Intersection Syndrome Research Paper

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    Intersection Syndrome Intersection syndrome is a condition in which moving the wrist or thumb causes pain and irritation on the inner (radial) side of the forearm. This happens when coverings (sheaths) around connective tissues (tendons) become inflamed. This causes the tendons to rub together and become irritated when you move your wrist and forearm. The tendons rub together at a place where four tendons come together (intersect). Intersection syndrome usually heals in about 6 weeks, with proper

  • Essay On Triceps Tendon Rupture

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    You may have tests, including X-rays or MRIs. Your health care provider may test your range of motion by asking you to do arm movements. TREATMENT This condition is treated with surgery to repair (reconstruct) the tendon by sewing it together. If necessary, the tendon will be reattached to the ulna. After surgery

  • Advance Directives: End Of Life Care

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    Advance directives help inform health care providers with the patient’s wishes on how they would like to be treated medically. Advance directives allow a patient to be in control of their treatment plan as well as end of life choices. Therefore, when the time comes, and the patient is no longer able to make these decisions, there is a legal document that has been put in place to carry out the patient’s wishes. Advance directives are critical documents that are often ignored because of the

  • Hepatic Lobectomy Research Paper

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    lobectomy, the entire right or left lobe is removed. In a segmentectomy, one or more parts of the lobe (segments) are removed. After the diseased section is removed, the liver can regrow healthy liver tissue in a matter of weeks. LET YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER KNOW ABOUT: • Any allergies you have. • All medicines you are taking, including vitamins, herbs, eye drops, creams, and over-the-counter

  • Cleft Palate Surgery, Pediatric

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    eat and speak normally. If the cleft is visible, the surgery can also help improve the child 's appearance. Children who have a severe opening or who have more than one opening may need to have this surgery more than once. LET YOUR CHILD 'S HEALTH CARE PROVIDER KNOW ABOUT: Any allergies your child has. All medicines your child is taking, including vitamins, herbs, eye drops, creams, and over-the-counter medicines. Previous problems your child or members of your family have had with

  • Self Reflection Questions

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    Self- Reflective Questions 1. In 100 words are less describe the essence of a mentor for a hurt teen. 2. What strengths do you believe you will bring to the mentoring process ? 3. What do you believe will be a challenge for you? 4. What boundaries will be difficult for you to maintain? 5. Describe the type of teen do you believe would be a good match for you? Age, gender, ethnicity, personal issues and circumstances, etc. Diana’s Pearls of Wisdom - Helping one is better than none. Whenever we

  • Racism In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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    It is known fact that up until recently those placed into mental institutions suffering from various illnesses have been treated poorly. Those who were subject to the torment of shock therapy and sedative drugs in the sixties and seventies know the pain of living in a cognitive institution. One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975), directed by Milos Forman, came out in the era of scandals revealing the awful conditions found in mental hospitals. However, this film does not focus on the living situation

  • Ethical Principles In The Film 'Miss Evers Boys'

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    to do good. On the other hand, nonmaleficence is the core of the nursing ethics and it revolves around the idea that nurses have to remain competent in their field as to avoid causing injury or harm to patients. Nonmaleficence also requires all health care professionals to report any suspected abuse. The last ethical principle is justice. This ethical principle revolves around the idea that all patients must be treated equally and fairly. This includes fairly distributing resources and time among

  • Speckle Noise Analysis

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    Abstract: speckle noise reduction is one of the most important processes to enhance the quality of Ultrasound images. Image variance is a granular speckle or noise that exists inherently in and degrades image quality . Before using the images of the Ultrasound for diagnosis, the first step is to reduce the effect of speckle noise. Most speckle reduction techniques have been studied by researchers; but there is no comprehensive method that takes into account all the constraints. Filtering is one of