Advance Directives: End Of Life Care

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Advance directives help inform health care providers with the patient’s wishes on how they would like to be treated medically. Advance directives allow a patient to be in control of

their treatment plan as well as end of life choices. Therefore, when the time comes, and the

patient is no longer able to make these decisions, there is a legal document that has been put in

place to carry out the patient’s wishes. Advance directives are critical documents that are often

ignored because of the uncomfortableness the subject of end of life care brings up. Advance directives are most common in the geriatric population since people often associate advance

directives primarily with end of life decisions. According to the CDC, 65% of nursing home …show more content…

There are several different types of advance directives that a person can choose from, you

can also elect to complete more than one advance directive. A patient can nominate someone to

be their health care proxy or durable power of attorney, this person will make health

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