Analysis Of Life And Death In Assisted Living Facilities

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Life and Death in Assisted Living Facilities Assisted living facilities are one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. Unfortunately, assisted living facilities have a history of being problematic. Specific cases from the movie Life and Death in Assisted Living Facilities indicates that assisted living facilities are often under staffed, poorly trained, and often admit elderly patients who are not qualified candidates for their facilities (Byker and Thompson, 2013). When taking this in to account, it is important to consider why families may admit their loved ones in to assisted living facilities. Hillier and Barrow (2015), associate problems of caregiving with the responsibility itself, the caregivers personal health, role strains, strained family relationships, ect. With all of this strain on an informal caregiver it seems most beneficial to the caregiver and the elderly individual to consider admittance in to an assisted living facility. Once a basis has been established as to why an elderly person is admitted in to an assisted living facility, further insight shall be established to denote what is considered elder abuse. In this movie, Life and Death in Assisted Living Facilities, several …show more content…

The elderly are a largely growing population but they are treated as a minority group. They are placed in assisted living care for numerous reasons such as convenience, health issues, and distress of the informal caregiver. Although assisted living may seem like the best situation for our aging society the movie suggests that this may not be the case. There are many special instances that the elderly have to deal with, such as elder abuse and fraud, as depicted in the movie. Further investigation must be applied in order to limit the number of events like those of Joan Boice, Merle, and George

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