Persuasive Essay On End Of Life Care

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When a patient is at the end of life it is very important to value the patients self dignity and their decisions at the mere end of their lives.The end of life care is to relieve the weight of the patient 's shoulders physically and mentally.I approve of end of life caring.Basic end of life care is summarized by improving the care of quality of life and dignity of the ill person.The important themes to good ethics of end of life care is a combination of human rights,respect,dignified care,and privacy.Health Care givers should be aware of the issues on what to say and how to act,give emotional support,and when to use hospice care.
An article stated,”Several scholars listed the implications of spirituality,including preserving the patient’s hope,helping the patient find meaning in life and death,and helping the patient find spirit..”(Qiaohong Guo and Cynthia S Jacelon,An integrative review of dignity in end-of-life care.)What this means is it is there to help the patient have hope,remember the good moments in life,and find the feeling of completeness so they can pass on from the physical world with no regrets.Healthcare givers can encourage their patients without giving false hope.It is a time for looking for meaning and rethinking what is important.During this period, many people tend to look back and reflect on life,bad things done, and loved ones who will be left behind.It is a very important to help the patient feel special and not make them feel any burden or

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