Assisted Suicide Essay

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The fact of suicide is un-describable and usually frowned upon and never talked about. Suicide has many opinions that deal with religion, family, or politics. Assisted suicide is something that is very much talked about in society. This is also known as euthanasia or mercy killing. Assisted suicide is when another person takes the life of a struggling person with the person's permission. There are many issues with this. Many see this as a form of murder, while others see it as a chance to complete someone's wish. On the government side of things, assisted suicide is illegal in many states. In the state of North Carolina assisted suicide is illegal. Many of the issues deal with family, religion, and government morals. Many people have countless opinions on this topic. They range from saying it is murder, to saying if the person is suffering to much and wants to pass then let them pass. Others may say that it depends on what side you are one. How would you feel if you had a family member that could do …show more content…

He is unable to do anything for himself and without a willing family member or friend he requires assistance from a professional to be able to end his own life. “This is a hugely significant moment in allowing people control. They will be able to seek help from people with no personal connection to them but acting in good faith (most likely to be carers or health professionals) to be able to die with dignity in a manner and at a time of their choosing.” The argument over assisted suicide is still raging on and is still affecting many states and families. The fact that people have totally different views on the matter is normal. This is not as easy topic for most people because it has to deal with death and also the taking of another life. Many people such as Dr. Kevorkian believed to leave death up to god and not heal a person or give them a quicker

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