Persuasive Essay On Health Care

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Healthcare is something everyone needs and should be able to get, but right now that is not happening. In America there are millions of people who don’t have healthcare insurance. This is because some can’t afford the insurance plan. There are also millions more who have health insurance, but can’t afford using it. This means that they are paying for an insurance plan, but the deductibles are so high they can’t afford to go to the doctor. This is causing Americans to not be as healthy as they could be. Bernie Sanders came up with a plan that is very different than what is currently in place. Chris Jacobs who writes for the Wall Street Journal said, “While Mr. Sanders claims that his bill would extend Medicare for all, it would instead create and entirely new program while borrowing the Medicare name” (Jacobs). This is the right thing to do because right now the system needs help, and a big change is the best way to improve it. His plan includes many benefits that would solve the problems of the current plan. Bernie’s plan focuses on a one payer system. This allows everyone to have insurance and would be controlled by the government. Everyone would have health insurance with this plan, because it is something that the government provides for everyone. No one should have to worry about becoming sick or injured and not being able to afford going to the doctor. Bernie’s plan would help this. Insurance companies are making a huge amount of profit. The profit that these

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