Pros And Cons Of A Single Payer Health Care System

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Oberlander Johnson discusses the pros and cons of a single payer health care system. Johnson says that the issue of health care has become a hot topic due to the emergence of Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. While many Presidents in the past like Harry Truman have tried and failed a single payer health care system, what has occurred is incremental health reforms like Medicare which is national health care for the elderly. The most recent change to the health care system is the Affordable Health care Act and while Johnson says the bill has expanded insurance, there are still many problems in the American health care system which is why there is so many calls from single payer advocates for significant change. Despite the ACA there are …show more content…

The flaws with the United States health care system will help me prove that the U.S. health care system ought to be changed. Thirty million people being uninsured, and people still facing the prospects of bankruptcy due to hefty hospital bills are facts that definitely prove that point. Johnson’s pointing out of the pros of Canada’s health care system also helps a great deal. If I’m going to prove that single payer health care is the best alternative I will need empirical facts that prove that single payer is better. Some of the pros of Canada’s health care system is that everyone is uninsured unlike in the United States and administrative cost is significantly lower than the United States. Facts like these will help me prove that a single payer health care system like Canada is superior to the United States’ privately owned health care system. What I would have liked Johnson to add would have been more numbers and statistics to prove his claims. He stated that the Americans would save money on health care if they paid taxes instead of paying premiums to private health insurance. Numbers that show exactly how much money Americans would save would have been excellent. While Johnson could have done a better job in adding more raw statistics the facts he put in his article will help me to prove that the United States needs

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