Arguments Against Universal Healthcare

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Main Argument: P1: The costs of health care would decrease if we have universal health care. P2: Universal healthcare needs to be available for everyone just like education is. P3: Having healthcare would allow individuals to get the health care that they so deserve. C: Therefore, universal healthcare should be made available for every person regardless if they can afford it or not. Counterargument: P1: Universal healthcare would cause our taxes to go up. P2: Universal healthcare will cause doctor’s wages to decrease. P3: People may abuse universal healthcare and cause the overuse of health care resources. C: Therefore, universal healthcare needs not to be available for every individual. The first premise is the biggest argument against universal health care. It is going to cause an increase in our taxes. …show more content…

The positive side states it will be more affordable but the other side states that universal healthcare will cost more. How does universal healthcare make it so affordable? Individuals will not have huge medical bills. They will never have to worry about any bills coming in the mail at all. How will universal healthcare happen? It is very simple. Taxes will increase more than what they already are just so all individuals can have health care (Emanuel & Fuchs, 2005 and Healy, 2009). Best Objection: The major objection to this is also the primary point which is costs. It will unavoidably cost people so much more than now. At this stage in time, folks pay the health care facilities, but once the universal healthcare goes full force, the government will take over. A good example where they are already doing this is the VA hospitals. Veterans do not get the care that they are supposed to get. If veterans do not get the care that they are meant to get then how will anyone else be able to? (Emanuel and Fuchs, 2005). References Emanuel, E. & Fuchs, V. (2005). Solved! Washington Monthly, Vol. 37 Issue 6, p20-24.

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