Should The Canadian Health Care System Be Privatized

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Should the Canadian health care system be privatized? Currently, In Canada we have a universal health care, what this means is that medical services are provided to every Canadian citizen paid for by taxpayers and also by revenues collected from leading industries. There has been a huge controversy over the last couples of years, on whether we should remain to have universal health care system, privatized or adapt to a mixed health care system. Canadian health care should not be privatized because health care should be available to everybody regardless of their income. Citizen II supports the idea that health care system should be privatized because it allows for competition between businesses in the same industry, allowing for improvement…show more content…
He believes that by having a mixed health care system, citizens can bring out just the positives of each individual system. The basis of citizen III’s argument is consumer options. His argument suggest that health care can still be provided to all individuals but consumers would be able to have the option of paying additional to get treatments faster in private clinics or pay for extra layer of protection not funded by the universal health care system. I disagree with citizen III’s statement because as long as at the end of the day, you receive medical services you required, then that is all that matters. The time needed to wait for a medical service is a want and not a need. The determination of the time you need to wait for medical attention all comes down to the severity of your condition. If you are in a critical state and on the verge of death, you will get treatment right away. I feel that by having the option of getting faster treatment in private clinics, it is solely marketed towards wealthy families. Destroying the principle of universal health care, in which it was created on the basis of equity. Lower class people would not the same quality of service as someone who is able to pay for those services. Lastly, in a universal health care system we already have the options stated by the speaker available for consumers. Canadian citizens are able to go to clinics to get medical…show more content…
Accessibilities to these kinds of services increase the overall health of the general population. With healthier people means longer life expectancies and an overall boost of the economy. It is well proven in medical studies that in a universal health care system, the standard of living of each individual is increased. Studies show that people living healthier lives allows for them to maximize their contribution to society. It is also known that Canadian citizens have the longest life expectancies in the world, higher than the United States of America by three percent. The one major difference between the Canadian health care system and the American health care system is that is that they have a privatized health care system. A documentary such as “Sicko directed by Michael Moore” demonstrates the crisis of American citizens without health care coverage. Canada’s universal health care system ensures those who cannot pay for health to not suffer, contrary to the Sicko

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