Ethos Pathos Logos In Siicko Movie

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Americans aren't benefiting from United States Health Care? Michael Moore is the director of the film “SICKO”, where he talks about how the United States should adopt universal health care. Moore chooses to gets his point across by using pathos to get people to pay attention to what he's saying. He lastly uses ethos by providing examples of how people didn't like working for the U.S health care system because it was unethical. He uses logos to gives us facts about the U.S. health care system so we know its legit. He also compares and contrast Americas health care system to other more socialized health care systems that are dog much better than us. Pathos was one of Moore’s most used way of getting peoples attention so he can tell theme about the U.S …show more content…

Within the first couple scenes the film had shown a man sewing his own knee back together. There was also a man who was forced by his insurance company to decide which finger he wanted to pay for so it can get re attached after he cut them off accidentally while using a circle saw. The next scene showed a 79 year-old man who still had to work to pay for his prescription medication because the insurance company wouldn't cover it. Each of these scenes within the first scenes in the film were all cause by not having insurance or the insurgence company not helping them when that's what they got the insurance for. Those scenes are supposed to give the viewer the insight of those who have been affected by their Health care system. The viewer would start to sympathize with the people effected negatively by health insurance companies. Throughout the film there are other tragic family stories that make the viewer feel the pain brought to those people speaking by health insurance companies. It creates some connection for the viewers because it could potentially happen to any one of them. Some examples are like when the woman who worked for a hospital had her husband gets denied bone

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