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I 've learned while conducting these interviews that both indivuials have similar issues within the healthcare system. one of the biggest issues both interviewees faces was the cost of healthcare and health insurance coverage. One of the interviewees has a chronic illness, and at times has to decide if she wants to purchase her needed medication or to buy groceries for herself and her family. The other interviewee although employed, doesn 't have health insurance coverage because its too costly every month. it seems they 're both appreciative of the fact there is a somewhat healthcare system with health care providers and professionals available to them, but feels its only available if you have health insurance coverage.

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One of the things i found a bit surprising and a little alarming is if a person is healthy and can 't exactly pay for insurance for affordability reason then they may not obtain health insurance all together, also if a person has a specific illness or disease they are practically forced to pay high prices for their medication and appointments and monthly premiums and in turn may not be able to provide food for their families because they have to decide to but medications and try to stay alive or buy food and try to survive.

Both interviewees seemed frustrated disappointed with the inequality of the health care system and the rates associated with receiving care and health care insurance. Something i noticed between the two was that they both were extremely passionate on finding a way for the United States to receive some sort of universals health care system that was inexpensive but preferably free. When the topic of cost came about they seemed to give detailed experiences dealing with the health care system and how it wasn 't affordable to them and how there were times they couldn 't receive the needed care get the needed …show more content…

Thinking back on the interview I can sense a lot of the responses had to with their life experiences because both interviewees seemed passionate about their response especially when speaking on health care cost and how there were times they couldn 't receive care or how they can 't receive care now due to lack of coverage or lack of funds to pay for co payments for medication, doctor visit, or urgent

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