African American Family Interview Paper

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Interview Questions for African American Families Please find a person of African American descent to interview. The person needs to at least 21 years of age. Please inform the person that this interview is for an assignment in class (educational purposes only) and the information provided will remain confidential. Please try to obtain more than “sound bites” yes/no answers. Asked follow up questions if the interviewee’s answers are too brief (ex: Can you please provide an example or elaborate, tell me more etc..). You want to get this person’s family story. You may submit the interview in a Q and A format. Please include the person’s name and why you chose to interview them. The person I am interviewing is my friend Avery Jackson whom I …show more content…

We can all learn a thing a two from our elders and can never stop learning. We are all grateful for the sacrifices my father and his father made. Children are treated very strictly by their parents. But aunts and uncles are much nicer to their nephews and nieces. I remember I was not allowed to hang out with certain kids if my mom saw them as the trouble maker types. I had a curfew to, to make sure I was not in any trouble. I think that is the thing with a lot of kids and getting into trouble. Because of no curfew from their parents. I feel that was a huge thing in keeping me safe outside. • What role do elders play in your family? Elders give advice and would always like to tell their own stories of how their youth was. We are able to appreciate what they have gone through while listening to their stories of racism they have dealt with in their time and the civil rights movement. We extract our current values from them. • Who are considered the recognized leaders in your family? In my immediate family, my grandmother and mother are the leaders. My mother provides for us through work and my grandmother kept me company and cooked for me. She would watch me when my mom was still at work when I got home from

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