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This paper describes and analyzes a life review interview with an older adult. The purpose of this paper is to discuss, record and reflect on an older adult’s life in order to evaluate them on the last stage of Erik Erickson’s theory of psychosocial development; integrity versus despair. This paper will also focus on the elements of a life review as well as the reflections of the interview on the part of the author. JC is a seventy-seven year old white male who lives by himself in New York City. He was born in London, England, and was an only child. During his child hood he moved around quite often due to the fact that his father’s job required frequent travel. JC attended boarding schools and received an education. He eventually graduated Harvard with a Masters in Business Administration. He married and had two children. He worked in the advertising field for thirty-five years having been a CEO for one of the two agencies he worked for. Julian is currently divorced and his two children are grown. His daughter has written a well-published book and his son is a musician that currently performs soundtracks for movies in Hollywood. I selected JC as my interviewee because …show more content…

They are tasked with looking at their lives through a different lens. Instead of just a factual memory of what happened, it is a chance for person to attach meaning to that time or event as it relates to the course of their overall life. The review is usually conducted late in life when a person is closer to death. The review allows for the individual to come to terms with their life. There are times when an individual might be experiencing a dilemma about an unresolved or painful issue in their past. This type of interview may help to restore their sense of well being by focusing on all events of the person’s life whether they were good or

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