Family Therapy Vs Narrative Therapy

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In this assignment I will be discussing two forms of therapies, family therapy as well as narrative therapy. The assignment will begin with an overview of both family therapy and narrative therapy. I will discuss the key concepts, techniques, therapeutic goals as well as client-therapist relationship. I will then proceed to discuss whether family therapy and narrative therapy are able to be applied in a multicultural context. The assignment will then conclude with how family therapy and narrative therapy is applied in certain situations to clients and how each one will benefit the client. A brief comparison between narrative therapy and family therapy will also be given. Overview of the two theories Narrative Therapy Narrative therapy is best known for being used by Michael White and David Epston. Narrative therapy commonly involves a shift in focus from more theories that can be seen as traditional. A collaborative approach is often encouraged and the therapist is also encouraged to show special interest and listen respectfully to the client’s stories. The therapist should also avoid diagnosing and labelling clients but rather enable the client to often separate themselves from the most dominant story of their life to provide a space where alternative life stories can be created (Corey, 2014). The stories of our lives also play an important role in our life as they can shape reality and contribute to what we see, feel and do. In therapy often clients who have come into

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