Bowenian Family Therapy Theory

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Applying Bowenian and Structural Theories

Valencia W. Wright
Marriage, Couple, and Family Therapy
HUMN – 6356 – 3
Dr. Emmett Roberts

Walden University
March 13, 2016 The Bowenian Therapy theory is multigenerational systems that is concentrated on the series of concepts and clinical. The creator of the Bowenian Therapy was Murray Bowen. The Bowenian therapy is somewhat like the Structural Family Theory because the both of them have steps that correlate together. The steps that Bowenian therapy takes is presenting the problem, connecting with family members, defining the limitations of the main problem and then more goals are determined by the problem (www.psychotherapy.net, video). During the video is displays a family of three that …show more content…

This provides analytical approach to families with problems of low and bad structure in the family relations. Also, Structural Family Therapy is a therapy session that requests the therapist to be involved and active as well in the therapy sessions (www.psychotherapy.net ,video). Therefore, during the video of the family of three which is made up of Adrian, Judy, and Pam. Adrian and Judy are a married couple and the parents of Pam. Adrian and Judy has been through numerous therapists to comprehend their daughter’s Pam anger problem. They feel after going to all these therapy sessions there has been no improvement in their daughter’s behavior. The therapist Harry Aponte session with this family projects SFT theory on them. He decided do a strategy by forming an alliance with Pam to form a dynamic with the family (www.psychotherapy.net, video) . So, basically his approach is about helping them understanding their day to day issues they are having. Harry Aponte begins to engage with the family to find ways to the problem. The problem with Adrian and Judy in the video is that are not understanding why their daughter is built with …show more content…

Short-Term Goal(s)
Pam will develop and utilize skills to manage her frustration with parents or others, 3 out of 4 days per week. Objectives:
1. Pam will attend sessions two days a week to learn how to control her anger management and relaxation techniques.
2. Pam will identify situations that cause frustration and process the situation. Strategies:
1. Pam will go to therapy sessions twice a week to talk about her anger and ask questions when she does not understand.
2. Therapy will give verbal praise during the therapy session. Expected Outcome (With Time Frame)
1. Regular attendance through individual and group sessions for 30 days and will be extended if needed.
2. Pam will have group sessions, with the support of family for 30 days and extended if needed.

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