Why Did Therap Therapist Use Open Ended Questions

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Therapist met with the client for individual therapy at school. Therapist did a check in regards to symptoms, mood, thoughts, emotions, coping skills, the goals that he achieved, and behaviors since the last session. Therapist processed the client's negative thoughts. Therapist used open-ended questions to address any concerns the client may have. Therapist encouraged the client to keep motivated during the stressful time, especially when he has negative thoughts, which stats usually with negative thoughts, argue with his sisters, or with his aunt, or if he has been triggered by any internal or external thoughts. Therapist used open-ended questions to process the client's thoughts and feelings. Therapist thanked client for his honesty and opening up with therapist telling his …show more content…

When therapist asked client about the alternative behavior, client reported that he tried to talk to the aunt about his oldest sister bossing him around, but his aunt tried to avoid it because she does not want to fight with her. Client reported that he feels angry 2-3 times a week because he argues with his foster sister and feels bad about it. When therapist processed with client his feelings about being stressed by his family. When therapist psycheducated client about the types of anxiety and having anxiety related to study or any future plan is okay since is not preventing him from functioning. apist acknowledged the clients role play. Therapist discussed further using coping skills with client. Therapists introduced new coping skills with client. Therapist encouraged the client to verbalize his emotions in regards to his daily mood and how it changes from time to time and using it as coping

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