Bel 311 Week 5

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By the next session, Kathleen and Jack will journal about their typical patterns of managing stress.
6. Write 3 measurable objectives that indicate how the client will achieve the treatment goal in the format [who will do what, by when and how measured]. (2 pts)
1. Within the next 2 sessions, Fiona and Killian will identify and interact with external systems such as after school activities, kinships or attend church independently.
2. Within the next 2 sessions, Jack and Kathleen will identify 4-8 household rules that need modification and will develop a plan to implement changes.
3. By week 6, Kathleen and Jack will be able to communicate feelings about Jack’s substance abuse and their visions of what their family should look like in 1-2 years. …show more content…

7. Name an intervention technique and describe how you (the therapist) would use it with this client to ultimately reach the goal. (1.5 pts): When empowering this family, I will utilize SFT’s stress management intervention technique. Stress is considered a significant factor in relapse for families with a parent struggling with addictions. To support Jack, I will encourage that the family to find activities that will exercise them mentally and physically. Explore the family’s hobbies that can help them focus on pleasant and productive patterns, but still guiding each member to explore and practice independently. I will provide educational resources of how exercise can be a way to relieve stress as well a way to cope with challenging situations. I will allow each family member to explore this concept independently. Also, I will explore the family’s healthy and unhealthy habits. As we explore this avenue, I will

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