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  • Gadgets Addiction

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    could be called as an addiction. Generally, addicted person loses the have power over his own mind and finds it difficult to get rid of his likeliness towards the object. Today, majority of teenagers spend most of their valuable time with technological gadgets. According to Young (1998), technological addiction is a habitual inclination to engage ourselves in the technology instead of using it to address the real life’s problems. Teenagers are most vulnerable to technology addiction. Rising degree of

  • Addiction On Social Media Addiction

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    I chose to use Twitter and Instagram for my addiction that I was going to stop using for four weeks. I decided to stop using those two social media accounts because my parents have always said that I spend too much time just scrolling through them on my phone. Some other reason why I wanted to cut 2/3 of my social media accounts was because I have heard that social media takes a toll of your mental health and self-esteem, the final reason why I chose to stop using Twitter and Instagram was because

  • Addiction Theory

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    PLAGARISM CHECK Introduction The question posed in this research task is to determine if addiction is caused by genetics or by the environmental factors that one experiences throughout their lifetime. In order for one to debate the various causes of addiction one must first know and understand what addiction is in the first place. Addiction is a compulsive repetition of behaviour or behaviours that gives an individual temporary pleasure and relief but in the long-term causes problems and negative

  • Online Gaming Addiction

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    Online Gaming Addiction According to Hussian et al. (2009). Computer gaming addiction is positively correlated with achievement motivation, sensation-seeking, a positive evaluation of one’s intelligence, and a negative evaluation of one’s skills in interpersonal relationships. Zheng et al. (2006) added that individuals with a gaming addiction may use MMORPGs to alleviate negative feelings and moods. Theoretical Framework of the Study The researchers anchored their study on “The Theory of Intrinsic

  • Drug Addiction

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    INTRODUCTION Drug addiction is a universal issue with harmful effects on human wellbeing, assets and safety of nations (UNODC, 2010). In AJ&K drug addiction is considered as crime, because drug abuse negatively influence fitness and wellbeing of individuals and also cause depressing psychological impact to their families. Heroine, tobacco and opium are in general the most regularly used drugs among AJ&K youth. These drugs are very popular among youngsters because of their quick and easy availability

  • Introduction To Internet Addiction

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    INTERNET ADDICTION SANDEEP KAUR1 , RIDHIMA KESARI2 KEYWORDS: Internet Addiction Depression Cyber Anxiety Abstract: As the internet is increasingly becoming part of our daily lives, Internet Addiction has re-ceived much attention. Internet addiction has been recently addressed as a mental disorder. The aim of this study was to determine internet addiction level, it’s related some factors. INTRODUCTION: T he term “Internet addiction” was proposed by Dr. Ivan Goldberg in 1996 for pathological

  • Addiction To Social Media

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    excessive use of social media can actually cause addiction to the users. Social media is just as addictive as gambling, drugs, and alcohol. What seems like harmless social interaction is actually a growing problem that can lead to depression, jealousy, inferiority, anxiety, low self-esteem and much more. No matter who you are or how old you are, you could also get addicted to the social media. Let’s take a closer look at how social media addiction forms without we even realizing that we are also

  • Internet Addiction

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    Internet Addiction To begin with, a brief background will be provided on the Internet Addition. Internet Addiction means a status that people are addicted to the internet activities, which include playing a computer game, reading pornographic information, focusing on online shopping and so on. Obviously, a man who has internet addiction would spend an enormous amount of time in the fictious world, this situation has a wide effect and thus it is worthwhile to have a discussion.This essay intends to

  • Internet Addiction Among Teenagers

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    1. What is internet addiction? (60 to 80 words) Internet addiction is a condition when a person is spending a lot of time on the internet and cannot control the habit. It is a serious problem and can affect the person’s relationships, work, schooling, and health. Internet addiction can be in the form of computer gaming, website blogging, surfing, social media like Facebook, chatting, Instagram etc. Internet addicts can experience anxiety and craving when they are away from the computer. (71 words)

  • Drug Addiction Speech

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    Drug addiction problem is increasing in our society ,its deadly disease ,its the reason for most of our deaths. Drugs is around us , everywhere , it have been a part of our life .In the 1960s by broad communications and music, they attack all parts of society. An expected 208 million individuals globally expend illegal drugs. In the United States, National Survey on Drug Use and Health 2007 , demonstrated that 19.9 million Americans(or 8% of the population aged 12 or order ) utilised illegal drugs

  • Internet Use And Internet Addiction

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    Also, Wang and Wang (2013) affirmed that the use of internet excessively results into problematic internet use or internet addiction that has been identified as a mental health problem. Moreover, a person who is addicted to the internet usage displays specific characteristics such as constant thinking with the internet, need for an increasing amount of time spent in order to obtain similar satisfaction, inability to stop on its use; interferes with his / her life experiences and symptoms of withdrawal

  • Solutions To Drug Addiction

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    discuss drug addiction in the U.S. There are 20.4 million addicts which represents 8% of the population. Different factors influence them to take drugs, like poverty, family separation, and anxiety. Family separation has the highest rate of 33%. The dangerous effects stemming from addiction are suicide, legal issues, and getting a communicable disease. Legal issues have the highest rate of 45% .Jean Micheal Basquiat is a famous American artist, whose his life ended due to drug addiction. In 1986, he

  • Addiction Among Teenagers

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    Substance Abuse (Drug Addiction) Among Adolescents Varsha R. Bhujbal L.A.D. & Smt. R. P. College for Women, Shankar Nagar, Nagpur 440010 Abstract: Substance (drug) abuse has become a very common problem among adolescents. Drug is being misused by students for various reasons. Today students begin drugs often because they are feeling pressure from their peers, society, conflicting values, due to culturally different students around the world suggests that modern youth

  • Drug Addiction In Children

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    If a parent has a drug addiction then the child is more likely to have a drug addiction because the parent had it while during the child’s process. Drug addiction is a compulsive drive to take drugs in defiance of them being potentially serious or having a dangerous consequence. Recent studies have shown that it is not simply a choice whether or not we become a drug addict, it also involves many genetic and environmental factors. When a woman is pregnant, a baby is growing inside of her. If the woman

  • Drug Addiction Counselor

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    A Successful Drug Addiction Counselor When a person makes that decision to become a Drug Addiction Counselor, they must know how to be supportive, have the required education and experience, and definitely, most importantly, be non-judgmental. Some even find that being a recovering addict themselves, makes for a better counselor. As a drug addiction counselor, the work environment may be in a private office setting, a doctor office, a rehabilitation facility or even in jail. The whole concept behind

  • Drug Addiction Assignment

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    1 / 5 DRUG ADDICTION  Danielle Docherty  20th October 2015  Stephen Colbert  Health & Social Care Level 6  Communications Level 6                                2 / 5 BACKGROUND  This report is going to look at how biological factors play a part in drug addiction and the biological affects these drugs have on the human brain.  Drug addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease. It is looked at as a brain diseasebecause drugs change the brain. Dependency is

  • Joann's Models Of Addiction

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    Women #1: Joann 1. Based on the models of addiction we have discussed, what models of addiction does she fit into (As you attempt to answer this question, keeping asking yourself “why did she start using” and “what makes her continue to use”?)? The models of addiction Joann falls under are addictive personality, self-medication, conditioning, and boredom model. For the addictive personality model, Joann fits into this model because she has a psychological vulnerability to Vicodin. She believes

  • Literature Review: Shopping Addictions

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    CHAPTER II 1. Literature Review 1.1 Introduction According to an online article, Shopping Addictions: When Spending Hurts “A shopping addiction can cause serious problems. First of all, it is difficult for addicts. Even though shopaholics enjoy the excitement, they often feel depressed or guilty after a shopping trip. Spending more money they have, many shopaholics have financial problems. As they spend, the may lie to their families about their spending habits”. Deborah Gray gives additional

  • Essay On Money Addiction

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    Money addiction: is it real? Psychologists say this can be same strong addiction as for example, drugs or alcohol addictions. How to identify someone has this addiction? How to deal with it and get rid of bad impact of money? Read this article and find out about about two different ways of money addiction. Greediness. Of course, it is good to not be a shopoholic and not to waste money on nothing. But there is also an opposite side of this coin – it's an enormous greedyness. When people can fight

  • Drug Addiction In Pakistan

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    Q: Drug Addiction is a serious problem of Pakistan. Illustrate the causes and effect relationship of this problem? Drug addiction: Drug addiction is a chronic, often relapsing brain disease that causes compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences to the drug addict and those around them. Drug addiction is a brain disease because the abuse of drugs leads to changes in the structure and function of the brain. Over time the changes in the brain caused by repeated drug abuse can affect