Addiction In Fahrenheit 451

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Is/how is entertainment addictive? Can it serve the same purposes as drugs/alcohol? Are there similarities in the consequences of the addiction? I think entertainment is addictive like if you were playing a game on a game system and you liked it I’m pretty sure you will want to play the game some more, then you will get more into the game and you will zone out the outside cause you are into the game so much. In the book Fahrenheit 451, Mildred got addicted to the t.v’s around her so much she thinks as the characters on the t.v screen are her family. Mildred wanted to get one more t.v screen so she can have her family all around her. Some other people can relate to her because some of the others stay inside rather going outside and watch too much t.v they start thinking it’s their family too. I admit I got addicted to video games at the age of 10 when I got my first gaming system, a PS2. I use to sit there all day playing on it till it was be time then do the same routine every time I woke up. …show more content…

You can get addicted on both alcohol/drugs and the entertainment. You can get into some big trouble if you get addicted to books in Fahrenheit 451 because the firemen don’t like having others own books and getting to know what the past was like. In the real world you can get addicted to texting while driving and next thing you know you can have a bad car crash and kill everybody in the car or either hurt them really bad. They both can be addicting but sometimes you just have to give up the addiction to save your life and also others’ lives. Getting addicted on multiple things is bad for you cause it can take over your

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