Persuasive Essay On Screen Time

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Have you ever played or used screen time all day? Have you considered how much time you have in a day and maybe limit your screen time? You should spend time with friends developing face to face conversations. The amount of screen time is a huge concern for doctors and parents about adolescents. People believe that screen time should be increased to four hours, however this is not the case. Screen time should be limited to two hours because screen time creates distractions and can foster negative behaviors. Screen time creates distractions in many ways. Screen time has been dragging us away from conversations. According to Connected but Alone by Sherry Turkles she states, “We sacrifice conversations for more connections.” This shows how technology can distract adolescents and not be able to develop face to face conversations. There are also distractions that are time consuming. As stated from the text, Is Google Making Us Stupid by Nicholas Carr he states, “If were distracted, we understand less, remember less, and learn less.” This shows when on screen time adolescents have less learning skills for the further future. Distractions take teens away from family and school work. According to the Article Growing up Digital from Allison Miller’s perspective she states, “I’ll be reading a book for homework and I’ll get a text message and pause my reading and put down the book, pick up the phone to reply to the text messages, and then 20 minutes later realize, ‘Oh, I …show more content…

People think four hours of screen time is harmless to the brain development when in adolescent years. Screen time can be addicting depending on the content that hooks players in to play possibly several hours later. But screen time is all false on improving behavior, the research shows all the facts about why screen time is

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