Explain How Technology Affects Child Development

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Technology Affecting Child Development Child development is one of the main aspects of growing and developing as a human being, especially Cognitive Development. Encyclopedia of Children’s Health defines cognitive development as “The construction of thought processes, including remembering, problem solving, and decision-making from childhood through adolescence to adulthood.” Starting from a young age, babies begin to learn about the world that surrounds them. They learn and absorb new information in the environment that surrounds them. These skills continue to grow stronger as babies brain continue to develop more through experiences and the expansion of their surroundings. As they become older, they will find it more difficult to develop …show more content…

These activities are effective and crucial to a child’s development ability to learn. (Gwen Dewar, Parenting Science). Play is what gives us an idea of the world. It helps children get an understanding of what the world is. “Play is a creative process that fosters emotional health, imagination, original thinking, and self-regulation.”(Washington Post). Children learn everything through play. They open their minds and interact with what they see around. This helps them be more imaginative and creative. But nowadays, technology is a significant factor in today’s society. Technology is rapidly growing and is becoming more involved in our lives. It has become so highly involved that now it is part of children’s lives. Cris Rowan stated that “Children now rely on technology for the majority of their play.” Children are no longer wanting to go outside or play with their toys anymore. The importance of these activities is to improve their creativity and imagination, which creates their ability to problem solve in the future. Statistics provided by Tech addition say that “In a typical day, children consume just over three hours of media.” They also state that three hours on a typical day is enough for a child to become addicted to the media. Children relying on technology limit their ability to be more creative and limit their …show more content…

In today’s technology, we are able to search and find information online about anything. Parents who teach their children this feature are affecting their child cognitive skill of memory. “Knowing where to look is becoming more important for children than actually retaining that knowledge in their brains.” (K5 Learning) Children are still able to gain knowledge of the information they’re receiving, but not as much as remembering. They will only remember where to find the answer instead of how. Technology can also affect children’s motor and sensory development. “Three critical factors for healthy child development are movement, touch, and connection to other humans.”(Rowan). Parents who give technology to their children are affecting their child’s development. Movement, touch, and connection are important to sensory development Children require active play to obtain the sensory development and also the stimulation from it. Technology can affect the child by creating separation from the parents and being less connected to them as he/she grows up. (Rowan). They are not only disconnected to the parents, but also to themselves. They often identify themselves as something they are not. This is due to the high exposure of media like TV. Children are easily influenced by these things and it important for the parents to be more involved to prevent

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