Technology In The Classroom: The Benefits Of Blended Learning

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In today’s society we are getting attached to our cell phones, tablets, iPad, computers, and even to our televisions. Many believe that technology could be affecting the developing minds and others believe that it is beneficial to our children. As of right now, many schools are allowing iPad in classrooms, so students can use it as a resource. But in reality are these extra resources affecting the way that a child learns? In “Technology Changing How Students Learn, Teachers Say”, by Matt Richtel reference two different studies that were conducted by teachers to see how technology is affecting the way that students learn. The studies that were done have showed that technology could possibly have an effect on one’s child learning abilities.…show more content…
He states that “technology is becoming more and more integrated into our society” and that we should use it has a good resource (Huneycutt). He states research done by Jeremy Posey has shown that there is great benefits from students use technology if one teaches them how to manage it wisely. Stating Jeremy’s facts, Huneycutt states four specific benefits from technology and how it’s going to help students learn many life skills. As well he states that not only is technology going to benefit the student but as well as the teacher. He does see the other side and doesn’t say that technology is all good but that one must teach the students how to use it wisely that way it doesn’t affect the child in a negative…show more content…
Huneycutt states in bold, “It can keep students focused for longer periods of time.” He argues that students will stay on track and save more time when they do work on computers than on books or other paper resources. Otherwise, Ritchel states that researchers have showed that teachers should not use technology in the classroom so students can focus more. Ritchel states “nearly 90 percent… that digital technologies were creating an easily distracted generation with short attention spans.” Ritchel does agree that technology is a great resource for students to do research on; but he believes that too much of this simulation can be creating short attention spans on the students. Especially, those who become very dependent on technology to do their research on. As a matter a fact, Huneycutt mentions towards the end of his article that he is aware of the “negative aspects to using technology in the classroom, such as abusing the internet privileges.” He showing that he understand that there could be negative output from technology, but it is up to the teachers to teach the students on how to use technology

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