Synthesis Essay On Technology In Schools

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As the World progresses, technology has always been a part of it, if not ahead. I for one, have grown up in a time where the use of technology has been intertwined in the society. Since technological advancements began a while ago, the newer generation of children has access to it with ease than those who came before them. This then does arise some concerns about the effect of technology on younger generations. Just like with other controversial topics, there are some negative sides to technology as well as positive sides. Since some schools are more open to the idea of intertwining technology with learning, some factors should be considered before transitioning. Before integrating technology into curriculums, schools should consider possible addiction that students may acquire, lack of skills and short attention spans that may result from technological exposure, as well as the positive potential that technology has- like easy access. In the end schools should focus on both the negative and the positive side to rule out which one outweighs the other. Being exposed to technology at first can have an exciting effect on the user, overtime this can lead to addiction. Younger generations especially, can easily get captured by the contents on their computer as most of them “prefer picture to words” (Source E). Attending school …show more content…

Having technology as a helping tool has certainly made school easier personally, but that may not be the case for certain people. I can definitely understand why technology may raise concerns when it comes to the long term effect, but when used correctly it can lead to a prosperous future for the student. School administrations should consider both the negative and positive side of technology along with the effect it can have on the students, after all, schools were designed to aid students on the journey to greatness, so they should consider all they can before they rest on a

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