Argumentative Essay About Technology In Education

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"Technology is like art. It is a soaring exercise of the human imagination". Like everything in this world that has its good and bad effects on us, technology does too. How we use technology is important in determining what results it would bring us. Nowadays, technology is heavily used for educational purposes. Integrating technology in education can be extremely beneficial. It can be a useful method for the students and their teachers, which improves both their skills. In addition, being active on the Internet when learning can make students and teachers’ academic journey easier. There is a lot of evidence that proves how useful technology is for both students and their instructors. This paper attempts to show that using the Internet allows …show more content…

It helps students by making their learning expedition easy. It delivers quick access and easy searches to any topic a student wishes to explore. Just within a click of a button, and with some typing on the keyboard, students are brought all the information they desire. Students are often busy studying for several subjects at once; they are tight on time, and have to stick to deadlines, etc. Therefore, technology allows them to prevent wasting their valuable time by helping them find and search for whatever they want, as well as by delivering them results that are straightforward and to the point. Many critics may argue and say that technology in education is dangerous. It can waste a students’ time by getting him or her sidetracked by distractions they find online. However when students avoid technology in education, they have to spend long hours, days, maybe even weeks searching for certain information in various different books. Students that really want to learn will force discipline upon themselves. Even if students didn’t use technology, anything could easily distract them when studying. Technology really helps students improve their time management when it comes to studying. Finally, without technology students end up wasting extensive periods of time in search for specific information that they could have otherwise quickly and easily found on the Internet within a few

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