What Is The Role Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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Intro: In Fahrenheit 451, society views technology negatively. Society feels human interaction can no longer be face-to-face due to Mildred and Montag’s relationship in Fahrenheit 451. Mildred has become addicted to her parlor walls and seashells, so she no longer feels the need to spend time with the people she use to love. When Fahrenheit 451 was written in 1953, Ray Bradbury predicted people in the future would no longer feel the need to read. Mildred even asks, “Why should I read? What for?” (Bradbury). Ray Bradbury’s predictions are wrong. Technology is beneficial for society in general, but more importantly, for students. Technology has helped students to expand their knowledge and have a deeper understanding of the information they need …show more content…

She no longer feels love for Montag. She is addicted to her TV ‘family’ and her seashells, which are like earbuds. Mildred sees no color in the world around her, but when she has her technology she feels happiness, “Again and again the dark space of their bedroom is stressed, its coldness and silence; whereas Millie’s favorite soap operas keep up a conversation hubbub and medley of bright colors” (Mancini). Society believes Mildred is depressed due to technology, but it is her way ‘out of the real world’ when there is no one else around. Even though she is brainwashed, it is a source of encouragement when she feels like killing herself. This is the same for students in school. Students may feel angry if they have lots of homework to complete. Technology can be there for comfort when they feel like giving up on completing an assignment. As it can be distracting, “tweeting a lesson, or having a website where students can post their ideas on using a concept innovatively can be a great idea generation tool” (Devisohoba). Technology can be a useful source to help people, mentally and physically, for example, “You don’t need an M.D. case like this, all you need is two handymen to clean up the problem in a half an hour.” (Bradbury 13). If a student is sick or upset, technology can be used to make them better. Technology is important for helping students. Not only can it

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