Argumentative Essay: Is Technology Bad For Us?

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Is technology bad for us? Who knew that technology usage can lead to memory problems? Since browsing through social media is very common nowadays, the brains are bombarded with electronic information. From instant messaging to blogs, it is easy to forget some things. Over the years, the debate about whether or not technology has a positive, or negative impact on society gets talked about on many sites and social media platforms. In what ways are technology damaging? First off, it reduces the amount of sleep usually obtain by people. Secondly, those who uses technology lack physical interactions. Thirdly, it makes students neglect their schoolwork. For the reasons above, technology is very harmful to today’s society since people nowadays …show more content…

According to, “ Technology is the key to procrastination.” Since people missed sleep because they were browsing the internet, they had forgotten to do homework for the same reason. People procrastinate on their work and as a result, some of them ended up not doing homework at all. This causes student’s grades to drop and make them do bad in school. On the other hand, small doses of technology does benefit a child’s success. Students can use technology for research, play educational games, learn from different areas around the world, etc. Yes, little usage of technology does benefit a child’s success. Nevertheless, most students spends too much time on their devices and is most likely going to get addicted to it. Technology is fun, but it leads to procrastination and eventually failing in class. Even though technology very useful to use, relying on it would not be a good idea. In conclusion, technology can have negative impacts on today’s people in many ways. It is harmful to people’s well-being, makes people lose physical connections with those around them, and it makes students disregard their work. Technology is everywhere in today’s society. These devices can be so harmful to people without them even knowing it. People should be more aware of what technology can do, and try their best not to depend on

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