Informative Speech About Technology

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We all use it. Whether it is a text to your significant other, a hard work day on the job, a quick drive to the store, even something as simple as going to church, no matter where we are we always seem to be using technology. Technology is a growing issue with each passing day and even though there are positive effects it also has its negative side. It affects the things we do such as communication and playing, but most importantly affects our brain with our daily thought process. Today, Im going to inform you on how technology has affected you and your daily lifestyle habits. Technology began to rise when the World Wide Internet was introduced on August 6, 1991. Throughout the years people have been on the bend to make technology bigger and better. With the advancement of cell phones, fax machines, computers and televisions the way things were 20 years ago are so much different. Technology has made us see the world at a different angle. Most children now play xbox for hours on end shooting zombies, stealing cars and talking to people online through a live account instead of enjoying the outdoors and playing in the mud and adults are just as guilty. We spend countless hours scrolling through Facebook or Twitter liking everything we see from coworkers or family and hardly look up to see the world as it is. Technology is nice, we can learn things quickly about worldwide events and news taking place or being able to video chat long distance family members but it has become a

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