Should Children Use Smart Phones Essay

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Children under Twelve years Old should not Use Smartphones Today, telecommunication and technology have improved dramatically and created facilities to make more convenient the life Human beings. One of the very important tools of technology and telecommunications, that people use a lot, is smart phones. Although cell phones have advantages for people and are considered as an essential and integral tool, they have their disadvantages as well. Nowadays, the user of smart phones are not only elders but also children use who are more vulnerable than elders. The disadvantages of smartphones are more than their advantages, so it can be a dilemma for some parents whether allow their children to use smartphones or do not. Handing phones to children…show more content…
Children would waste their time too much on texting, calling and using other apps that are available in smart phones. These things make children busy, and they won’t concentrate a lot on their education. For instance, they will play games, listen to music, and so on. Another issue which smartphones distract children from their education is accessibility to internet and social media, so maybe they watch some unethical videos and use banned websites. Furthermore, it is possible that children misuse their smartphones at schools and their studies. To illustrate the above statement, they may use phones for cheating in the…show more content…
For instance, they want their children to contact them for some emergencies, or some of them believe that their children should know how to use technologies surrounding the world. And also some parents think that by handing smart phones to their children they would better solve their children’s problems and needs when they are far from each other. Therefore, they argue that it is necessary that their children should have smart phones, but they should not ignore the disadvantages of smartphones which are very
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