Persuasive Essay About Cell Phones

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Cell Phones Have you ever wondered why your parents would not get you a phone?. In Today’s technologically advanced world, it is pretty common that you have at least one or two connections between technology. However, most parents disagree assuming that technology is hurting the teen’s Childhood. Nevertheless, having a cell phone is a necessity in today’s modernized world. Some of the reasons are practicality, GPS tracking for parents to know where their kids are, and safety. The first main advantage for parents to consider buying their kids a smartphone is the practicality of phones. For example, in today’s busy world where parents work many hours of the day and teens busy doing their homework and school activities. Most parents want to be connected with their child due to being able to call them if there being late or picking them up from school. An easy way to do that is getting your child a phone Furthermore, I have personally dealt with this issue myself back when I did not have a phone. I would be constantly running back and forth to the school office just to tell my parents that I have a school activity that I had to attend, or if I got lost in a mall I had no other option but to look for them myself and that would take hours. Moreover, when I did get my phone both my parents and I had a way to communicate with each other. Therefore, buying your child a phone is a key way to boost your communication with the child. With crime rates up, you really never know when

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