Cell Phone Negatives

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The cell phone is without a fact one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. Most people these days cannot visualize life without them. This small technological gadget gives us multiple functions, one of the most valuable is communication. Phones make it easier to check up and contact people than ever before. These devices also provide benefits for people that have to keep their busy life in order. By organizing and planning on their virtual calendar which is provided on the phone. Whether people think about it or not, cell phones have been affecting everyone’s life in multiple different ways. Unfortunately, phones have been known to cause a distraction from people at school or work. their families and friends usually calling and texting them on the phone. By doing so, it can cause that person to get behind with their work or even affecting their grades at school. Social Media also seems to distract people in school. Students are just very addicted to cell phones. For some students, they cannot seem their hands off their phones. Students are tempted to look to see if they got a message from their friends or significant other, even notifications from the gaming apps they have. This is the reason why most students do not get time to study. For students are more interested in using their time on their cells phones, rather than studying. However, cell phones can also help people succeed in school or at work. Students at school can use their cell phone to look up videos
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