Why Should Cell Phones Not Be Allowed In Schools

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Amongst schools throughout the nation, the cell phone policy has been tested and altered to fit the restrictions on their use by students. The different advancements in technology have influenced many teachers and staff to allow leniency to cell phone use in the classroom, with the belief that they have purpose to assist in everyday learning. Others believe they have no place being on school property during school hours since loss, theft, or damage is possible. In addition, cellphones can be a distraction in classrooms which factors in faculty deciding what is to be done about cellular devices on the campus. The use of cell phones should not be in schools because of the amount of distraction it poses on kids, cheating that becomes easier in classrooms because of them, and the safety concerns it raises. Students with phones now are able to do much more with them. Phones recently have the ability to access the world wide web, …show more content…

Being able to take photos under low surveillance gives students opportunity to cheat and copy homework assignments or send out test answers freely. Cheating is easily available to students by taking pictures of assignments and sending them with a click of a button to other classmates. If cell phones were completely removed from campus, students would have less disciplinary problems with cheating. Moreover, access to the internet during school can be an easy way for cyberbullying to make its way into the lives of students. Students who may not obey the rules may take photos and post them on social media. Having cell phones in schools is a privilege to some, it 's all about how this privilege is used and should not be abused. Safety is a concern among parents who may want to communicate with their children throughout the school day. This is an important topic because it affects the way that future students can be

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