Should Cell Phones Be Allowed To Use Essay

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Kennedy Hamlin Mrs. Gallos English 3 Honors 29 March 2018 A Twenty-First Century Problem: Cell Phone Usage in the Classroom Even though banning cell phones reduce distractions in the classroom, phones should be allowed in the classroom, but restricted to school work because it offers more learning opportunities and gets kids excited about learning. There are numerous benefits and downsides to allowing technology in the classroom. Having cell phones and other electronic devices in the classroom can be integrated into the curriculum. However, these resources might also be harming the children who use them repeatedly over time. Do cell phones in the classroom cause students to cheat more? There is a blank space between whether students think that looking online, or if they have enough self control to not ‘use their resources.’ Some of the ways they cheat are looking online, or by getting their…show more content…
Even if most teens could stay concentrated on their school work, the ones who use their devices for anything else are a distraction not only to themselves, but their peers. Kids do not have the ability to multitask, so when given the opportunity to use their beloved devices or pay attention to class they will more than likely choose the electronics. "We know that medium to heavy multitaskers, who engage in multiple forms of media simultaneously, tend to demonstrate smaller gray matter area in the anterior cingulate cortex, which is the area of the brain responsible for top-down attention control” (Sandee LaMotte, CNN). The term nomophobia is a term created to explain the feeling of fear of not being able to use your cell phone or other electronic device. There are 3 different levels of nomophobia. People with severe nomophobia experience very high levels of anxiety when they do not have access to their device, whereas someone who is mildly nomophobic can go a small amount of time without checking the
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