Cell Phones Should Be Banned In School

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Cell phones being in school is a hotly debated issue nowadays. With all the teenagers having cell phones now the issue of them in school seems to be bigger than it has ever been. Many people think that they are beneficial while others say they distract kids. Research and statistics show that phones prevent more than help kids to learn. Cell phones should be banned in school because they prevent learning, encourage cheating and pose health risks to students that use them. One main reason as to why phones should not be allowed in school is because they can potentially prohibit learning and growth in students. The first piece of evidence for why phones prevent learning is that they can make you miss important information. According to this TIME article cellphone apps like youtube can distract students from paying attention in schools and absorbing important information (Worland). The leading proves that phones prevent learning because they make students not take in as much knowledge. Another piece of evidence that suggests phones do not help learning is that they are a huge distraction. The claim stated before is proven from the University of Nebraska study that found that 20% of time used by students is used for non academic reasons (Reed). It also goes on to say that things like notifications and cell phone rings are the most common way that phones add to the 20%. The evidence portrays that kids definitely get distracted from cell phones being in classrooms and end up
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