Pros And Cons Of Using Phones In School

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Many people think that kids shouldn’t use their phones at school. The reasons for people thinking this is that the students will get distracted. Another reason is that if a phone rings, it can be very distracting to the class. But there are also many reasons we should let kids use their phones in school. Many students are happy when they use their phone. In a 2005 study by Sonja Lyubomirsky it showed that students that were happy were more productive than students that weren 't happy. A second reason is that schools are preparing kids for their jobs. WHen you have a real job, you can use a phone all you want! If schools are preparing kids for jobs then why not let them use phones? The last reason is that many administrators and other staff members use their phones to take notes. So, if staff members can use their phones, why can’t students? One reason that I think kids should use their phones in class is because a 2005 study …show more content…

But there are measures to combat this. It mentions this in paragraph 2 “Students know they shouldn’t use their cell phones in school to play Angry Birds, or listen to music, or text their friends about the quiz they just took. Phones and tablets should be used responsibly and for educational purposes. Students could do research for English papers, or download an app that provides extra information on one of the chemical elements in the periodic table. When necessary, teachers could combat cheating by making students put their phones on “airplane mode” or any mode that will not allow them to send/receive any messages or use the Internet. Whenever there is a test, teachers can make students put their mobile devices in the front of the classroom until the test is over” These ways could make it so kids could only use their phones during times the teacher says you can use them. This would lead to no cheating on tests or playing video

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