Should Cellphones Be Allowed In Class Essay

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Could Phones in Class Be the Key to Learning Seeing a kid in class with their phone out, your first instinct will be telling them to put it away. Although cell phones can be a distraction and used for entertainment purposes they could be used for so much more. Phones should be allowed in classrooms to use as a learning tool, it will help students organize their work, and is cheaper than buying more technology. As you may know, schools are strict on their no phones in class rule. They believe that having phones in class will cause problems like phones going off, taking pictures, texting, and not paying attention to the teachers. Cell phones should be allowed in class because they could be used as a learning tool. For example, in Melrose High …show more content…

Yes, what we we do for the students who got grounded or the students that don’t have phones, they will be able to use the computers, tablets etc that where already purchased for the the school. Meanwhile, the shift in classrooms is happening slowly and unevenly, depending on district policies, financial means, and teachers’ comfort levels with technology. “ They’re seeing that they can be cost effective for the schools instead of having to purchase technology for the students.” Liz Kolb states. Some schools are leveraging students’ own smartphones- the so called BYOD (bring your own device) approach.“ All right, we can 't win this battle, how do we turn it so it wins for us, so we can make it positive.” Cyndy Taymore, superintendent for Melrose Public Schools said about a year and a half ago. Allowing phones in class are cheaper because you do not have to buy a computer or tablet for every student. You can spend the money on something else the school needs. Cell phones should be allowed in class because it will help students to stay organized. A calendar would allow you to put in the dates of when your homework is due so you don’t forget. You could use a remind app that sends you and your parent notifications of when your homework is due without knowing their phone numbers. Inspiration doesn’t always come when we want it to. For that reason, you could use you

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