Cell Phones Should Be Banned From Schools

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Cell Phones In Schools Despite the fact that cell phones may be used for educational purposes, phones should still be banned from schools due to texting and posting, cyberbullying, and a use for non - educational purposes. As a student, I am faced with the problem, “No Cell Phones in Classrooms”. Many students like to bring their cellphones in class. The one problem however is, “What are you doing with your phone?” You could be doing anything you want with that phone which is the one problem with having it with you in the first place. You could be texting someone, or playing games. “Who knows”. However, I will be sharing some of the biggest problems of having a phone with you in class and how to solve them. First of all, one way phones can be a distraction is because of the fact that students might cyberbully each other which could potentially distract or discourage them from learning. This could affect them in many ways. One of which is depression. If you didn’t know, depression is basically an ailment caused by extreme sadness which could also potentially lead to other diseases. According to the University of Toronto, studies show that 13.5 percent of students in Canada aged 11 to 16 consider suicide or dropping out of school due to cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can distract many students due to the fact that they are so focused on the mean comments their getting that they don’t pay attention in class which could seriously affect their grades and chances of getting a

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