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How common do students use texting? How effective do students text to communicate in school life? In “Modern Romance,” a book written by Aziz Ansari, he refers to the 2013 survey and reports that thirty-two percent of under thirty years olds favor using a texting message to ask someone out on a first date (Ansari 34). In addition to the result, he mentions a 2012 textPlus survey which reports, “58 percent of Americans between ages thirteen and seventeen said they’d ask someone out with a text message” (Ansari 35). Although his book is focused on only dating situations, it is also common for students to use texting to communicate with friends in school life. Nowadays, countless of students possess their own cell phones, and they chat with their friends by texting even during classes. As a result of the shocking circumstance, there is no doubt that teachers request not to use them in class (Using Cell Phones…show more content…
In spite of the popularization of texting, Ansari explains texting drawbacks that it makes a cold and impersonal impression and seems inappropriate way to ask (36). Therefore, it is arduous to bring it in school confidently; meanwhile, the face-to-face conversation is likely to be preferred. However, due to increase in student’s cell phone ownership, texting holds not only undesirable impacts but also hidden potential to interact in school. Even though the relationship is built by connection in person, texting is a beneficial method communicate with students and the school staff successfully. One advantage that texting is a way to communicate in school is that it breaks students’ walls in their mind such as hesitation to communicate with the administrative school staff. Undoubtedly, a face-to-face conversation can take in the partner’s expression by emotion because the speaker uses body language and changes him or her voice and face. Opponents claim that it shares the same atmosphere, so it is easier to build a relationship between students

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