Reflective Essay On Digital Communication

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The world we live in today is predominately changing with the advancement of digital communication in the daily aspects of our life. The rapid growth and evolution of digital communication, has resulted in it now becoming the backbone of the way we interact with other people. Beginning from simple 160-character SMS messages to text’s influence on the internet including Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Instagram and then introduced on our mobile phones with BBM and whatsapp; digital communication has become a part of our spoken discourse. Digital communication in every aspect has impacted our lives as it helps jobs and businesses communicate a lot faster through e-mail, multimedia and texting. Students have benefited from the easy accessibility of digital communication allowing them to interact with peers and families. In my…show more content…
When in conversation with my peers and according to my transcript, the use of back channeling is significantly found with words such as ‘ah’, ‘um’, ‘yeah’, ‘sounds cool’ and ‘alright’. Perhaps, this allows the conversation to flow and continue as it causes the person to agree upon what the speaker is saying rather than interrupting to give opinions. It creates a comfortable conversation and encourages the speaker to say further and elaborate on what they are trying to convey. However, this makes me question to whether or not this is grammatically correct and is the right manner to speak in. Some people might find it offensive as back channeling may convey a tone of sarcasm and mocking of what the person is saying. This also makes me think from where I have adapted this language feature. Surely, as my sociolect is made up of vague language, it might have caused my frequent use of back channeling and has probably inclined my language to include it in my idiolect. Yet again, I am concerned about where has my sociolect adapted these features
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