Communication Reflection Paper

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In society today, communication classes are highly over looked because of our new developing technology. People don’t realize how much a communication class could benefit them. We have lost sight of verbal communication skills. This class has taught me to put my phone down and communicate with others. It has opened my eyes to the real world without technology. It has taught me various skills within enculturation, facial feedback, empathetic listening, primary emotion, tolerance for ambiguity, distracted listening and perception. Enculturation has taught me to know my values and beliefs. It has made it clear to me about my culture and what I do and do not believe in within my generation. Also, within other cultures, it has made me curious to learn the similarities and differences they have from me. I have felt more connected within my family and the society from researching and studying enculturation. For example, I have learned that a tend to drift away from my beliefs more than anyone else in my family because I am so curious of other beliefs and the way they view things. I strive to learn about other cultures views and beliefs on things. Facial feedback is so very important. It makes you learn about other people’s .0.0feelings when they aren’t not verbally telling you. Non-verbal communication is just as important as verbal communication. When you are communicating with someone it is important to pay attention to the facial feedback they give. The topic could be

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