How Does Language Affect Communication

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Language is a system of communication consisting of sounds, words and grammar, or the system of communication used by the people of a particular country or profession. Even animals communicate. Birds use sound and movement to transfer information. Likewise human beings use sound and movement like speech and gesture to communicate. Language is the fundamental factor leading and affecting communication. Language is communication and vice versa. It can also helps with everyday tasks such as, explaining issues and procedures exchanging ideas or learning ideas. Being knowledgeable about language is a key for successful communication in relationships and in the workplace. I would say that without language, we would not be able to communicate. When …show more content…

It is also known as nonverbal communication. This type of communication includes no words but gesture, body language, eye contact, posture or facial expressions. When we interact with others, we continuously exchange wordless signals. A considerable part of nonverbal communication is facial expressions as these indicate others about our feeling, attitudes, states of mind and relationships. Facial expression also plays a major role in communication since the expression on our face say a lot about our mood. Eye contact also plays a vital role in effective communication. There are times when we experience words that come out of our mouth and the ways we communicate through our body language are totally different. In this kind of situation, the receiver has to determine whether to believe verbal or nonverbal message. Regularly the receiver would select the nonverbal as it is more natural and it truly displays the speaker’s true feeling and intention. The gestures such as the way we sit, how fast and how loud we talk and how much eye contact we make send strong messages to the receiver. These messages are sent continuously even when we stop speaking. It means that even when we are silent, we are still communicating

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