The Crucible Argumentative Essay

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The Crucible In The Crucible, Arthur Miller shows though his text, how a central character can find his or herself in a situation where they are either in physical or psychological danger. In The Crucible John Proctor finds himself in both physical and psychological danger. While Proctor attempts to reveal the truth about Abigail’s lies by calling her lies out and physically forcing Abigail to tell the truth about their affair he also is putting himself in much danger. While attempting to reveal the truth Proctor puts his name on the line, he puts his relationship with his wife on the line, and he puts his physical well being on the line. Proctor’s attempts show how a central character can find his or herself in situation where they can experience great danger. When Proctor attempts to get the truth out of Abigail, he also reveals the truth about his affair. When Proctor reveals the truth he puts his name on the line. He reveals the truth when he states, “God help me, I lusted”(102). Proctor experiences psychological danger while telling about his affair with Abigail. He experiences danger because of how cherished his name is to himself; He has a good reputation in the town and doesn't want to mess it up. When …show more content…

When Proctor revealed the truth about his affair it revealed that his marriage is not as perfect as everyone once believed. Proctor faced many dangers when revealing the truth about his affair because adultery was a major sin, especially in the protestant faith. When Proctor tells the truth it reveals that he is regretful of his decision, which he expresses when he states, “i've payed a lot to learn it, sir”(103). Proctor’s honesty also shows he no longer has any compassion towards Abigail. These truths build up the text by allowing Abigail and Proctor to rely strongly on each other for the remainder of the

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