Nonverbal Communication In Reading People

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Nolen, W. E. (1995). Reading people. The Internal Auditor, 52(2), 48. Retrieved from William Nolen shows valuable examples of nonverbal communication channels in “Reading People.” Author William E. Nolen Vice President/Internal Audit at A.H. Belo Corporation in Dallas Texas, uses his advantage of being an internal auditor to present how different communication channels can be effective. Nolen uses the nonverbal communication tools to encourage fellow internal auditors to improve their own nonverbal communication toward others. The author includes useful factors such as facial expressions and eye behaviors to help internal auditors and fellow readers to enhance their effectiveness…show more content…
For context, language is a combination of sound and meaning, whereas nonverbal communication does not involve any use of words or speech; therefore, is harder to comprehend. Zahn emphasizes on how a person could receive different messages through nonverbal communication than you would with verbal communication. Zahn tries to steal readers’ attention by analyzing Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” showing us nonverbal communication is not just a factor in the physical world, but in literacy works as well. Lili Zahn draws to conclusion by stating; “nonverbal communication plays an important role in face to face communication and literacy works.” Zahn also states by taking “Pride and Prejudice” as an example this essay illustrates how nonverbal communication helps convey verbal messages and makes contributions in revealing characters feelings, marking social status, and exhibiting social customs.” This essay does provide a well written introduction to the issue at hand because we all want to believe communication only possess verbal aspects, but this essay makes it clear communication possess a variety of nonverbal forms as well. This essay conveys the different aspects nonverbal communication can portray in literacy works as well as in reality. However, I do believe novices’ would have a difficult time comprehending this essay due to the general set up. Overall, I find this essay to be helpful in understanding different nonverbal forms, and the enhancement nonverbal forms can add to a
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