Principles Of Interpersonal Communication In The Movie 'Cast Away'

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INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION- It is form of exchanging information through the usage of messages, non-verbal actions and facial expressions. This type of communication is useful in professional, personal and social life of a person. Some principles and nature of interpersonal communication in reference to the movie ‘CAST AWAY’ are listed below- PRINCIPLES OF INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION- 1. Interpersonal communication is a transactional process- This principle states that IPC is ever-changing and is a circular process. The elements of this communication are interdependent and connected to one another. The communication of one affects the communication of other. 2. Interpersonal communication is purposeful- Any communication that takes place…show more content…
Involves choices- All communication involves choices, some of which people actively consider and others that follow cultural norms and seem almost automatic. we interpret actions as good or bad, right or wrong, appropriate or inappropriate. REFRENCES FROM THE MOVIE- The movie really makes clear of the importance of communication for humans, if to other humans, themselves, or to objects. Without communication we would not be able to survive. This is a fact in my point of view and I believe most people will agree with this. Imagine you were the only person left on earth, how long could you survive before going mentally unstable or killing yourself? • Wilson provided aspects of interpersonal interaction to the lonely cast away. Although Wilson did not have ears, he performed receiver functions, and in Noland’s mind, Wilson comprehended the messages, and even responded at times. I consider the relationship between Noland and Wilson to be complementary. This clearly specifies that communication depends upon content and relationship. • Also, in many scenes the protagonist used non verbal messages such as writing HELP on the beach and creation fires to signal ships and boats. This showcases that interpersonal communication can be both verbal and non-verbal in
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