The Break-Up

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Title In everyday life, communication is constantly and subconsciously used. The importance of human connection in life is often overlooked. Interpersonal communication is a dynamic form of communication between two (or more) people in which the messages exchanged significantly influence their thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and relationships (pg. 11 text book). The Film “The Break-Up” is focused on two main characters: Gary and Brooke. A variety of interpersonal communications are present throughout this movie. The two met at a Chicago Cubs game and began dating. During the beginning credits it is clear the couple's relationship begins to escalate which results in them buying a condo together. This is where the story starts and a relationship …show more content…

When Gary gets home Brooke asked if he bought the twelve lemons she needed for the dinner and he handed her a bag of four lemons. This is an example of selective listening (pg. 164) taking in only bits and pieces that are important during an interpersonal encounter and dismissing the rest. Gary was only focused on a specific word "lemon" and not the amount that Brooke asked for which she felt was most important. This seems like a minor issue to him, but it is a huge issue for her because she has no use for the four lemons when she needed twelve. After dinner the couple is tired from a long day at work and Brooke is exhausted from cleaning the house and working so hard putting together a wonderful dinner for their family. Brooke nonchalantly implies that she needs to wash the dishes with hopes Gary will want to help her by showing some appreciation for all her hard work. Gary, however, only wants to relax and unwind from his hard day at work. This is an example of lack in Relational maintenance (pg. 300). When Gary does not help with cleaning the house, cooking the food, or washing the dishes he is not sharing task (pg.301) which is one of seven strategies couples routinely use to maintain their relationship. This task involves taking mutual responsibility for chores. Gary undermines this task by avoid doing his share of the work, doesn't ask Brooke how he can help and expecting her to do all the cleaning without

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