Pathos In Janice E. Fein's A New Perspective

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1. Pathos is a term which appeals to emotion. It convinces an audience by creating feelings that already reside in them. Pathos is presented in the opening of “ A New Perspective” written by Janice E. Fein when the narrator talks about going to kindergarten. She mentions how her mother “is walking me to kindergarten” which appeals to the audience since it brings up memories of how their mother or father must have walked them to kindergarten too. Pathos is used by creating an emotion connecting with the piece and audience. 2. In the informal essay two literary techniques are used voice and mood. A voice in literature is the form though which narrators tell their stories and experiences. An example of this is someone telling a story and changing their emotions through their voice, making it seem more relatable or realistic. The use of voice in the essay is presented by the narrator while describing emotions and feelings. Through this, the narrator makes the readers connect more with her experience with her mother. The technique is used effectively by the author because it added a lot more understanding to the readers knowledge of the essay. Another literary technique used is mood. Mood is an element which touches certain feeling or vibes in readers …show more content…

Narrative tone is how the narrative expresses their emotions and feelings by using certain language styles. In the essay itself, the author uses tones such as self pity and peacefulness. Self pity is shown in the concluding paragraph when the narrator says ,“I may never understand why some of us are cheated in life”. She is somewhat self absorbed over her own troubles with her childhood. Another tone is peacefulness which the author also presents in the concluding paragraph. The narrator says, “the scenes have never changed, only my perspective” with this, the author shows how the narrator has come to peace along with her being thankful “it took the birth of [her] first child to truly see the whole

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