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  • An Analysis Of Candide Novel By Voltaire 'Novel'

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    Literature has been the mirror that reflects the image of the society and observes the behavior of people in their daily life. Literature represented in drama, poetry, plays, novels or short stories. My topic is about one element of these mentioned above. It is about a literary aspect seen in the story of Candide novella by the famous French author Voltaire. This period known as the expansion of European power. This novella classified as one of travel literature. Novella taken from

  • A Classic Novel

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    A classic novel is a novel which is widely recognised and valued. These novels are appreciated because they present outstanding or enduring qualities. Classic literature usually becomes popular once it is published and remains this way throughout time. These novels are usually held to a high standard and are likely to have themes that remain relevant to this day, upholding their popularity. One of the most well known examples of a classic novel is ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ published in 1960 and written

  • Young Adult Novels

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    In Growing Up Asian American in Young Adult Fiction, just published this last fall, Ymitri Mathison presents a collection of ten essays by writers discussing Asian American young adult(YA) novels focused on different Asian American subgroupings and how those novels address issues particular to each subgroup. In her introductory essay, Mathison describes the specific context in which Asian American children and YA literature has developed and how that literature goes beyond the “model minority” stereotype

  • The Importance Of Friendships In The Novels

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    We see many friendships throughout the novel, with the central character within them being Stephen. Stephen and Keith form a bond alongside the one between Barbara Berrill and Stephen. Frayn structures the novel in short chapters and large chapters to show that his childhood, when compared to the present day, was far more important. The chapters between Stephen and Keith show that despite it being the only hostile relationship, it was the most important one to the protagonist. Frayn presents hostility

  • Jeanette Winterson's Novels

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    into an all girls grammar school and later she went to Oxford University where she studied and read English. When she moved to London she wrote her first book, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, which won the 1985 Whitbread prize. Most of Jeanette’s novels are

  • Fight Club Novel

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    Fight Club: As a Novel and As a Film Sergen Ünveren, TR 111.01 Clandestine literature –also called underground literature– is a recent field of literature which is often remembered with its usage of harsh, unusual and critical language towards capitalist system. Fight Club, one of the best known representatives of the clandestine literature, is a 1996 novel by Chuck Palahniuk which tells the story of a middle-aged insomniac man. This middle-aged man, who works as a recall specialist for the automobile

  • A Spy Novel Analysis

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    Greene's thrillers represent a serious attempt to establish the spy novel as an appropriate vehicle for exploring the tensions, ambiguities, darkness and sense of alienation which characterize the experience of modernity in the twentieth century. The most significant feature of formulaic narratives-spy novels, westerns, gothic romances, science fiction fantasies, detective thrillers-as defined by Warshow is self-referentiality: “One goes to any individual example of the type with very definite expectations

  • Summary Of The Novel 'The Stranger'

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    sense something strange with the protagonist right from the very first line. Why is it so? Is it because he isn’t sure when his mother died? Is it his indifference towards his mother passing away or the nonchalant way in which he admits it? Why the novel is titled The Stranger at the first cause? Who regards the protagonist as the stranger? I. Is it the author himself, who sees his protagonist as a stranger because of his unique personality? II. Or it is the narrator (protagonist) who feels as a stranger

  • Gender Stereotypes In Graphic Novels

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    development of graphic novels and their breakthrough into the literature spotlight, there are still prejudices against their structure - the dependence on art. However, we’ve seen more breakthroughs, graphic novels that have highlighted issues and marked changes in our societal structure. Works like The Road to Perdition and Maus have brought new focus onto the graphic novel with development of movies and the acceptance and value brought along with their stories. The graphic novels of Sin City are penned

  • Character Analysis Of Leper In The Novel

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    His character happens to be the ‘odd one out,’ with his strange actions and a complete turn around, I his character, as he progresses in the novel. The oddness of Leper, added with the effects of the war on not only leper, but also all the children at Devin, all contributed to his isolation. Whether self-isolation or isolation from other characters in the novel. The oddness of Lepellier was not just in the way he walked, or talked, but also in the ways he reacted to certain situations. This is demonstrated

  • Graphic Novel: Film Analysis

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    For my graphic novel, I choose to do a non-fiction piece on a brief history of film. Choosing this allowed me to get outside of my comfort zone, as well as possibly learn something new in the process. In the graphic novel, I first talk about the very origins of film: what the first motion picture machine was and what the very first “film” looked like and why it was made. Next I look at the films of the early 20th century. They started off very short, as before 1912, it was not common to use multiple

  • The Great Gatsby: The Novel Or The Film?

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    Chapter2 The Novel or the Film? Besides the decline of the American dream and the Coexistence of good and evil, do these films, The Great Gatsby and To Kill A Mocking Bird, have something else in common? They were novels first. While the films were wonderful, the question arises which case do I prefer? The Novel or the Film? Transforming a novel into a screenplay is not simply an issue of pulling dialog from the pages of a book. In books, we frequently come to know characters best not through what

  • Halloween Hunt: English Novel

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    Halloween Hunt (Part 2) English Novel. Halloween Hunt English Novel is written by Richard Laymon. Richard Laymon is well known for his short stories/novels, he is a very intelligent writer. He is famous for his short novels Halloween Hunt English novel is one of his collection. This Halloween Hunt English Novel is divided in 5 Parts you can easily get the links of other parts at the end of this part. Part 2 ( Halloween Hunt English Novel ) Starts: "If he doesn't get here soon,he'll be." Just then

  • Techniques In Mccarthy's Novel 'The Crossing'

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    In McCarthyś novel The Crossing, the narrator describes a dramatic experience. Some techniques that McCarthy used to convey the impact of the experience on the main character would be imagery, diction, and figurative language. There are many other techniques used but these are three that made me really feel the impact of the experience. One technique McCarthy used was imagery. Imagery was used a lot in this piece from his novel. An example of imagery would be ¨coyotes were yapping along the hills

  • Alienation In Sacrifice Wiesel's Novel '

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    Blindly loving someone means to sacrifice for Michael Smith in the novel. Whether it pushes him to commit a crime, if it does well on someone who he loves, he decides to risk everything that he can. Although under the special circumstances he is placed, he struggles with his inability to express his feeling. He compensates with his artistic talents, but his talents and the forbidden love is revealed, it miserably misleads him to give up his normal life, and he recognizes the painfulness of loving

  • The Context In Persepolis: Novel, And Society

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    shaping literature. Context is what that drives a writer to develop influential literary works. Persepolis, a graphic autobiography depicting the life of Marjane Satrapi from her childhood to her adult years and Great Gatsby, a 1925 F. Scott Fitzgerald novel about young and mysterious millionaire Great Gatsby and his obsession for Daisy Buchanan are examples of literary works that are shaped based on the cultural, social, political and historical context of their respective time periods. The effect that

  • Rejection In Mary Shelley's Novel

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    Mary Shelley produced such an impactful work as a teenager that her novel, which started as an entry into a ghost story contest, turned into a successful novel that is still read 100 years later. She tells the story of how a creator abandons its creation leading to murder, hatred, and the quest for revenge. People often reject those who are different and do not fit into society. The novel, Frankenstein, greatly conveys the theme of rejection while communicating through the literary element of characterization

  • Summary Of The Novel 'Winter's Bone'

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    7. Analyse how disappointment or loss affected the relationships of a character or individual in the written text(s). In the novel ‘Winter’s Bone’ written by Daniel Woodrell, Ree Dolly’s relationship with her family, the Rathlin Valley community and the Hawkfall community were heavily affected by the loss of her father, Jessup. The affect that this loss has on Ree’s relationships is important to the plot because it highlights the struggles that Ree must overcome and outlines how quickly things change

  • Call Of The Wild: A Classic Novel

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    Call of the Wild Essay The title of the book is classified as The Call of the Wild and the author is Jack London. Many people considered this a classic novel for many reasons. For a book to become a classic novel, it has to be in the list of great books and has to have good personal opinions about the book. The Call of the Wild was listed in the list of great books a great deal of times. Also, because many people believe that this book is a book that explains Jack London’s childhood. People who

  • Mrs. Hedges In The Novel The Street

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    a. What purpose is served in the novel by the presence of Mrs. Hedges? Of Mr. Jones? Of Min? Mrs. Hedges is a product of the street, learned to conform to the street, and made it work for her success. She attempts to help Lutie, by showing her how not to be a part of “brawling, teeming” (251) life of the street. Mrs. Hedges’ character understands the power that “the street” have over people, and their success, or failure in Harlem. She embraced the reality of “the street.” She actually named ‘the