Everything You Know About Addiction Is Wrong Speech Summary

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In the speech “Everything You Think You Know About Addiction is Wrong.” the Author, Johann Hari, has rhetoric, when he uses ethos, logos, and most importantly pathos. Hari uses Pathos when he starts the speech with “One of my earliest memories is of trying to wake up one of my relatives and not being able to.” (00:12) when he says this he is getting the audience to connect with him on a emotional level, by expressing emotion, and that he experienced death, at a young age. Hari also uses pathos when he says “I realized we had drug addiction in my family” (00:12) when Hari says this, he is opening up about something most people don’t just talk about everyday. Hari also connects with the audience, with pathos, but making them laugh, he makes them …show more content…

It won't be your Facebook friends who help you turn it round. It'll be your flesh and blood friends who you have deep and nuanced and textured, face-to-face relationships with…” when Hari says this, he gets the audience to trust him, because he understands that certain people will be there for you, when you need it most. He also uses ethos when he says “It looked at the number of close friends the average American believes they can call on in a crisis. That number has been declining steadily since the 1950s.” the audience trusts what he is saying. Hari uses logos when he mentions an experiment that they did, he mentioned it when saying “ You get a rat and you put it in a cage, and you give it two water bottles: One is just water, and the other is water laced with either heroin or cocaine. If you do that, the rat will almost always prefer the drug water and almost always kill itself quite quickly.” then they change up the cage and this happens “They've got loads of cheese, they've got loads of colored balls, they've got loads of tunnels. Crucially, they've got loads of friends. They can have loads of sex. And they've got both the water bottles, the normal water and the drugged

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