The Three Types Of Communication In Everyday Life

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In our everyday life we use communication in order to exchange, share and even to create ideas, information, news and most importantly feelings. It’s the biggest part in our social life, which helps us to influence people and to motivate them in a very good way. We think that we usually communicate with the words, which help us to deal with many problems, but many people actually don’t know that most of the time we are using body language to communicate. when we are born and we don’t know any words, first thing that we do is to use gestures , because that the way we can have communication with our parents or adults. So, Body language doesn’t require any verbal sound and words, it’s depended on our movement, gestures and non-verbal signals. As I found out gestures can be three types; first instinctive, it’s when we aren’t aware of the actions, which we make, so we can say that we are making it unconsciously and I think it’s the most often and interesting gesture , for example crying when you are sad or not in a good mood. Also gesture, which we make according to some formal system is called coded and it’s quite different from other gestures , because it might need some special training such as deaf people’s language, it requires hand movements, which you don’t know at first. And also we have acquired gesture, such as clapping when theatre ends or saying hello to someone by handshake. As you can see we have many types of gestures and we use them all the time. But s what is

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