Barriers Of Effective Communication In The Workplace

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I. Introduction:
The communication is a process which allows people to express their thoughts, feeling and ideas, it occurs between two or more people and it 's an effective way to show our needs, demands, and requests. The communication can consist on various modes like speech, visuals, sign, written forms, behaviour or even cartoons & flyers.
Communication is basically divided into three steps, starting with the Arrangement of message and ideas in mind of sender and then Packaging or Encoding the same message or idea and delivering it to the receiver through a particular channel the receiver will then decode and interpret the message and send a feedback to the sender.

Many barriers are associated to communication that reduces its efficiency, we will discuss in this report the main obstacle that prevent the communication to be effective.
II. The communication barrier:
Researches have shown that a greater physical distance between employees can create communication problems in the workplace. People are likely to interact more frequently with those who are nearest to them, those who are at a distance of over 30 meters apart are far less likely to communicate with each other, Where employees are expected to work as a team this distance can have a considerable impact on the efficiency and productivity. To solve this issue it’s recommended to firms to decrease the distance between the different offices and departments in the workplace that will give more chance to employees

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