1.2: Explain How Communication Affects Relationships In Work Setting

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1.2 – explain how communication affects relationships in work setting relationships in work setting in health and social care are very important we need to build a relationship with are colleagues and mangers staff to enable us to work effectively.it is essential to establish good relationship and communication with service user and there family’s but you must always have boundaries and keep it professional effective communication and working relationships . In order to work effectively with a service user line mangers, colleagues and families you must be able to meet their needs relationships are also governed by body language facial expression smiling and ways in which others listen and talk to you. If the communication is poor between you and a service user and with your work colleague the care the service user receives will not be right for them if you’re not talking to them or communicating with them how are you going to know what they like or don’t like. for example if your feeding them toast …show more content…

It is very important in your job role as health care assistant to know all the information about the individual take for example they wont know there children as adults they would only know them as children and even though there husband has died they still will think they are alive. You might get upset or frustrated in trying to explain to them there children are all grown up and that there husband died along time ago you have to patient it is important to use the right tone of and to role play along with service user in order to make them feel comfortable or remind them of what day and year .Sometimes it can be very difficult to get threw to an individual who has dementia. It is very important to always smile using eye contact greet them good morning how are you today the weather is really sunny

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